Jumsinfo straipsnis

Jumsinfo straipsnis parašė apie  UAB Aplameta kaip  TBI Technology bei Gizelis atstovę. Parašytame straipsnyje galima sužinoti apie apdirbimo pramonę, ką vertėtų pasirinkti ir kaip rinktis atidžiai. Norint peržiūrėti straipsnį, galite paspausti šią nuorodą : INFOJUMS Bei perskaityti apačioje :

ITM Poznan

We would like to invite you to ITM POZNAN exhibition which will take place on 5-8th of June, in Poznan, Poland You can find our team in 3A building, on 33 stop, together with TBI, whom we represent. For more information, please contact us on e-mail or phone number +37069832191    


We would like to present ROBO series, from BOSCHERT GIZELIS. We have the opportunity to show new and ultimate products in machinery world. These are two types of Robot machines, that are constructed to work without such a big effort and let robot to work by itself. We propose – ROBOWELD and ROBOBEND from these series. […]


New colors New machines!  Stylish and posh new TBI NEW LINE machines are in stock right now! Be the first one to get new edition for yourself !   For models and prices – contact the office by the phone number or e-mail!